THE PLAN - house the homeless in the desert

The Magnitude of the Homeless Crisis in LA

Any plan that is to be seriously considered must factor in the sheer volume of homeless persons we now face. 80 unit shelters, scheduled to open in 2025, at a cost of over $500,000 per bed are nonsensical. The homeless population in LA County exceeds 100,000 (LA City is purportedly 66,000). Again, any serious plan must reduce the numbers of homeless in meaningful way. We stress this point as no LA official has presented a plan that will reduce the homeless population by 1%. They have no idea as to what to do with the remaining 99%.

Who are the homeless in LA?

Many of the current proposals to address homelessness fail to acknowledge that people have become homeless for distinctly different reasons, and therefore, will require different forms of assistance to recover from being homeless. Our plan stratifies the homeless into 3 main groups, and provides significantly different solutions for each group.

Proposed solution – Group 1

Proposed solution – Group 2

Proposed solution – Group 3