Our Objectives.

We work on policy problems and economic matters in our professions. We are residents and taxpayers in LA County. To us, it is only natural to want to create solutions that preserve the quality of life for LA residents, and to provide a pathway out of the life threatening conditions in which the homeless exist.

Our Plan is practical, it is based on logic and reason. It borrows substantially from plans with successful outcomes in other metro areas, and it is grounded in economic reality.

We want to raise awareness with the public of the fact that the political class has spent $ billions on the homeless problem, and turned it into a crisis. We want the public to be aware of the fact that the political leaders of LA have no plan to deal with the homeless crisis. Any ‘plan’ that addresses <1% of the crisis, cannot be considered a real plan. It’s a press conference and media opportunity. While homeless people are dying and neighbourhoods are being destroyed.

We want to put an end to stupid, dangerous schemes like the ‘Bonin beach encampments’ where lives are put at risk, homeless people are camping in high fire risk neighbourhoods, and he comes back in a year and says the City will need 10 more public spaces for the homeless. And 20 more in the following year. And so it goes.

We want to start a rational discussion with politicians in which the public is equipped with the knowledge that a real Plan to deal with the homeless crisis exists, and the political class is finally held accountable.
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